30 Best Websites To Download Free E-Books

Are you an ardent book reader? Needless to say, reading is a passionate habit that keeps you updated and informed. Thankfully, with the advent of technology, reading is no more limited to books, but the introduction of ebooks has made it easier to read on the go.

Come to think of it, there are various places you can download your ebooks from, for free! Let’s check out.

PDF Duck

PDF Duck has designed and managed their website by providing direct and clean books just on the distance of a single click.

PDF Duck only provide clean, official, trial and freeware books.


If you are looking to explore a wide range of books, all that you need to do is visit FreeBookSpot. It has a total of 4485 books spanning across 96 categories! From scientific ebooks or programming and fiction, this site has it all!


Free-e-books is another website that gives you access to a huge number of books. All you have to do is register on their site for free and you can browse through the entire library of books and magazines!


ManyBooks provides you with a wide collection of books for ebook readers, ipods, and the likes. The library contains a whopping 21,282 books for the readers. You could go through the collection by searching with titles of the books, names of authors and can even get recommendations from other visitors!


This is yet another interesting website to get access to free ebooks. One of the best features of this website is that the library hosts a collection of computer-related books including basic computing, programming, technical content and the likes. The website has books categorized in 12 categories and 150 sub-categories!


Scribd is another useful resource but with a bit of difference. It is more like a document sharing portal where users can share content for different topics, spanning across different formats. If you are looking for content online for your own blog or website, Scribd could be the ideal solution for you!


This website hosts a library with ebooks. The topics covered are pretty vast. These start from automobiles, medical, technology books to engineering, sports, business books and the likes. You can conduct your search based on the desired category and your ebook would be ready for you!


This is yet another ebook portal that focuses mainly on content related to computer science, the internet and information technology. Along with that, the library has books on niches like Science, Mathematics, marketing and others.


BookYards is a reader’s delight! All you have to do is have an internet connection at home and you are set to have access to a wide collection of ebooks. Apart from ebooks, there is also a lot of educational content and information easily available on this platform.

Baen Free Library

How often have you wanted to venture into the world of science fiction as a child? How often have we craved for those science fiction books and movies? All thanks to the Baen Free Library, you now have access to a host of downloadable science fiction novels and books.


This is a rather categorically organized ebook portal. You can look for the appropriate books by scanning through different categories. The choices start from Arts & Photography, Business, to Cooking, Food & Wine, Computer & Internet, and the likes.


This is one ebook site that has endless resources for its readers. With a total of 17 categories to choose from, you can never run out of topics and browse through exciting content from this online library! All you have to do is get the right category and you will get the most ideal content online!

PDF Search Engine

As the name suggests, this is an online portal to look for ebooks which are in a PDF format. You could look for these files on certain sites, some interactive forums, on message boards and the likes. You have access to the full directory to choose from!

Book Gold Mine

This is another interesting site for people looking for ebooks online. The best part about this site is the fact that it is free and the library contains a host of books and documents including ebooks, lectures, and notes!


Technology is ever advancing. But having some information handy will always prove to be a blessing for you. This is why FreeTechBooks comes packed with ebooks on niches related to technology.


When a site offers books via email, it is rather difficult to give it a miss. This is why DailyLit is one of the favorite sites for all reading enthusiasts. You can get access to books available in different formats like PDF, html and the likes.


Talking about PDF books, PlanetPDF provides you with a lot of classic novels for free. The books are arranged in an alphabetical order. Once you start looking through the category section, you will have enough resources to focus on.


This site focuses on ebooks with Private Limit Rights, Master Resell Rights, giveaway rights or personal use books. You get access to the entire library here with books belonging to different topics and subjects.


PDFBooks, once again, concentrates on gathering and storing content that is available in PDF format only. It is a dedicated PDF search engine for its users. In here, you can have access to ebooks, sheets, forms and many other types of documents. All you have to do is enter the subject in the search bar and you are set to go!

Alive & Free

What happens when you want to have a library with both new, modern books and the old classics? This is the combination that Alive & Free offers. With new releases and classical books, you can get exactly what you want on this website and download free ebooks.


Spotbit does its bit to save paper and thus the environment. It promotes the use of paperless publishing to the best of its abilities. Thus, it hosts a huge number of ebooks in a modern, digital format that is quite different from the usual ebook format.

Adobe Free eBooks

No technical student and working professional can have enough information on technology. This is why Adobe presents to you its library containing books on computer science, engineering, programming and the likes. It also has lecture notes and other documents apart from the usual ebooks.


Whether you want to gather information or share it, SlideShare is a great platform for you to get access to free presentation slides. This gives you a big audience to cater to. Besides, you could share your data either publicly or privately.


If you want to share some information on the internet, irrespective of the format, eSnips is a great way to do it. You can scan several photos, videos, and other media files. But ebooks form the most important component of this site. Looking for digital books has never been easier!

Tech Books for Free

This is yet another online downloadable ebook portal that caters to the computer programming and technology world. Starting from database designing, to software development, programming languages and the likes- you get books on all subjects and topics on this site.

E-Books Directory

What does E-books Directory provide the readers with? –downloadable ebooks, lecture notes, and other documents. As a user, you can submit content of your own, you can browse through information submitted by the others, and also add comments on the various digital books found there.


Books-PDF is the next exciting ebook portal online. It gives you free access to hundreds of ebooks and covers topics like algorithms, AutoCAD, accounting subjects, programming languages like C#, C++, 3D animation and the likes. Hitting the right search results will open the doors to many ebooks for you.

Project Gutenberg

Covering a vast set of categories, this particular ebook website has over 10,000 books available online. You could look for the books based on the book titles, or author names. You could also track them through the categories section.


BookBoon Free is one of the biggest platforms for sharing PDF versions of books catering to topics like computers, programming, computing tools, software and the likes. You can download these ebooks for free right on your PC or tablet.


This is another addition to our list of the best downloadable PDF ebooks online. In here, the choice of topics includes general interests and technical ebooks. This opens up the doors to a wide audience and readers.


This website comes with a difference. All you have to do is reach the correct category including marketing, business, programming, and others and you can have the offline copy on your system soon!

Final Words

So, these were a few websites you can download ebooks from for free! Which is your favorite pick? Do let us know in the comments below!

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