6 Things You Can Do To Improve Picture Quality On Old Phone – How To Take Better Pictures

The era of social media is upon us and we should learn how to adapt.

One of the most common things that are present on social media are images, however there’s a huge problem with them, not everyone knows how to take decent pictures.

As a tech geek, we want to help everyone out in improving their picture qualities and become really good at taking pictures, considering that a picture can speak a thousand words and they can stay with us until our last breathes.

So what exactly can we do to improve our picture qualities despite having an old phone?

Below, we are going to list down some basic things that you can do so you can improve the front and back camera picture quality.

How To Take Better Pictures

1. Clean the glass over the camera lens

The first thing that we recommend everyone to do in order to take better pictures with their old phone is to make sure that they are taking pictures with the camera lens clean.

We recommend doing this considering that we touch our phone a lot, which means oils and fingerprints are going to be present all over it. Which leads us to the glass that is over the camera lens. So in order to take better pictures, you want to clean it with a microfiber cloth or a cloth that can remove the fingerprint or other stains that are present there. Once it becomes clean, you want to take the pictures that you ought to take.

2. Good lighting

The second thing that we recommend everyone to do is take pictures under good lighting scenarios, considering that they can help you take really good pictures and increase the clarity of the image.

What does good lighting mean?

Good lighting means that you should be taking a picture on the opposite side of the light. This means that if the light is coming from the right side, you should be standing on the left side so the light can hit your face, hence a better picture or selfie.

3. Natural lighting

The third thing that we recommend you to do is go with natural lighting instead of light bulbs and flashlights when you are trying to take images.

What does this mean?

Natural light is the light that is emitted by the sun.

So this means that if you are trying to take a picture during morning time, make sure that you are near a place where sunlight is heavily present. Face an angle where the light wont hurt your eyes and make sure that it is allowing your skin to glow.

This is the main reason why social media influencers have really nice looking skin and pictures when they post the pictures on Instagram or Twitter.

4. Buy a tripod

Another thing that we recommend our viewers to get is a tripod.

Why this?

Well, a lot of pictures that we take are blurry, which can happen when we accidentally moved while taking a picture.

How can we avoid this?

One of the easiest things that we can do in order to take still and clear pictures is buy a tripod that has a Bluetooth remote that allows you to take pictures even if you are away. These are connectable via Bluetooth, meaning you can stand even 5 to 10 meters away and still take a picture without having to touch a phone.

5. Look up

You can easily improve the picture quality by simply looking right up to the camera.

Yes, this is true.

Your camera has an AI feature which allows it to automatically focus on the thing that is looking at it, hence you. So the more you look at the camera, the more you are likely to increase the picture quality.

This simple tip can help you get better at taking high quality pictures.

6. Keep on taking selfies and know the features of your phone

The last thing that we recommend you to do is keep on taking selfies and slowly learn the features of your phone.

The reason why we told you to keep on taking selfies is because of the fact that you need to take multiple pictures just so you can get the best one. Rushing the entire process is not the right thing to do and it’s quite impossible to get the best picture in just the first try. I mean, it is possible but its unlikely to happen if you are still learning how to take pictures.

Did we miss out anything in the tips list above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below so we can add it as soon as possible!


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