You no longer need Google Publisher Toolbar

The Google Publisher Toolbar is an extension in Google Chrome that allows those people who use Google AdSense on their blog page or websites to see up-to-date information about the status of their advertisements.

The Google Publisher Toolbar will use the account that you are signed in Google Chrome and will provide an overview of your earnings and the performance of your ads.

The Toolbar will also provide an overview of the ad overlays that offer in-page reporting and blocking controls.

Why should you use Google Publisher Toolbar?

The Google Publisher Toolbar gives you a number of free accesses to features such as an account overview pop-up, and the ability to “test click” on ad overlays.

The Google Publisher Toolbar also gives you access to a more detailed view of ads and ways to control, block, and report a problem that you encounter with an ad.

You may think that installing and setting up the Toolbar is not an issue, but sometimes, during the installation and set-up, you may encounter errors.

First of all, let’s begin with

How to install Google Publisher Toolbar

The Google Publisher Toolbar is only downloadable in Google Chrome and comes as an extension in the browser.

In order to have access to the functions of the Toolbar, you will have to download it and grant it access to your Google Account.

Follow these steps below so you can install the Google Publisher Toolbar:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome. If you do not have it, install it with your current browser.

Step 2: Click the toolbar and open the options menu of the extension. You will find this on the top right-hand corner of Google Chrome.

Step 3: Select “More Tools” and click extensions.

Step 4: Search “Google Publisher Toolbar”

Step 5: Download it.

Step 6: Click on the Google Publisher Toolbar icon on the top right corner of the browser and sign in to your Google Account that is associated with your account.

If you want to view your account performance, click the icon of the toolbar on the top right corner of the Google Chrome Browser.

How to Fix the Error showing in your Google publisher Toolbar in Google Chrome

Not every installation works perfectly, and sometimes error shows.

If you see “Copy this code, switch to your application and paste it there” when you click the toolbar icon, this means that you have an error.

In order to fix the problems, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click options (three dots), which will be located on the top right corner of Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click More Tools

Step 3: Click Extensions

Step 4: Click “Details” of the Google Publisher Toolbar.

Step 5: Click the button of the “Allow access to file URLs”.

The Google Publisher Toolbar still doesn’t work?

Please note that Google has officially stop supporting this plugin

If you are using Google DFP to serve google adsense, currently known as Google Ads. You might want to try Google Publisher Console. It’s easy by adding some parameter at your URL while logged in to your Google account.

For example this is your website:

just add google_console=1 parameter behind your URL will enable the Google Publisher Console: 

For Debugging Google Page Levels and Auto Ads on mobile:

To check that Google Page Levels and Auto ads, just add #googleads to the end of your URL:

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