How to safely replace AirTag battery at home

 Unlike their old devices, Apple is now allowing owners of the AirTag to replace its battery once it runs out.

According to multiple reports, it is estimated that your AirTag’s battery will last 1 year before it official dies.

The battery that it has inside it right now allows you to track where it is and the best thing about it is that you can replace the built-in battery that it has without having to go to your nearest Apple service center.

Here is how you can change the battery of your AirTag inside your house safely:

First step: Get a new 3-volt CR2032 coin battery

The first thing that you need to do in order to replace the battery that is inside your AirTag is to buy a new one that can be placed inside it. This is really important before you take apart the Apple AirTag. Keep in mind that Apple’s AirTag uses a standard 3-volt CR2032 coin battery, which you can buy from a local electronics store or even on the internet.

Second step: Take apart the Apple AirTag

Once you have the battery,  you want to hold your device side down, meaning the metal case with the logo of the company should be facing up towards you. After that, you want to place your fingers on the metal side, press down, and rotate it counter-clockwise so you can remove the metal lid in order to change the battery.

Third step: Replace the battery

After you remove the metal lid, you will find the CR2032 battery. After you find that, flip the device so you can safely and properly remove the battery. After removing it, you want to insert your new battery into the slot.

Fourth step: Close it so it can be used again

The last step is to close the lid so you can use it again. Just like you opened it, you want to close it. First you have to place 2 fingers on the metal half, apply pressure, and rotate it clockwise this time.

Important note:

If you hear a chime after installing the battery, it means the replacement was a success. If you did not, you did something wrong.

You can also watch the video below to see a real-time person changing their battery:

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