3 Reasons Why You Should Not Place Your Computer/Desktop On The Floor

Basically, you can place your computer/desktop anywhere you want to, the main objective of using it that you should be comfortable while you use it for your activities. But, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when you place your computer somewhere, and in this case, on the floor.

There are a number of reasons why you should not place your computer on the floor, the first thing is ventilation and the second thing is dust.

Your floor or carpet can block its proper Airflow

Most of the PC cases/chassis/ towers do not have a flat bottom, the small place allows the excess heat to go out from there, but this depends on how you set your fans up.

But if you own an old pc case, then we have a problem. Your floor or carpet can simply block the airflow of your pc, especially if your power supply is placed in the bottom part of your pc and if your case only supports 1-2 fan slots.

Your pc needs proper airflow so it can run properly, basically, the hotter your CPU, motherboard, ram, or GPU is, the more problems you are going to face while you use your computer as heat will build up underneath it.

The best thing you can do if you have an old pc is you can place it in a cold room, in a room where you have proper air sources such as Air-conditioner or an electric fan.

And if you do not have a carpet on your floor, you are also good to go, as the excess heat of your pc will properly go out from the bottom.

Before you set up your computer/desktop in your home, make sure to make airflow and comfort as your number one priority. It’s always better to place it in a place where you can sit properly and where it can also get good air.

Dust Will Be A Problem If You Place Your Desktop On The Floor

Your floor gathers more dust than a desk or table does, if you plan to place your desktop on the floor, then dust will be a huge problem for you.

So what exactly does dust do to your computer?

  1. It blocks air from getting in and out
  2. It slows the fans
  3. It can bring damage to your computer parts.
  4. It’s a huge mess
  5. It affects your overall pc performance
  6. Your PC components can come loose.
  7. Your CPU’s thermal paste can break down.

These are some of the major problems dust can bring to your computer.

So if you are planning to place your desktop on the floor, make sure that you do a weekly or monthly cleanup for your pc, make sure to be gentle and make sure to put the wires back where they should belong to.

Flooding Or Other Emergencies

In case of an emergency, like flooding, your pc can get destroyed or it can get in your way. One thing you should keep in mind is that if water touches electricity, things could get pretty bad.

Another emergency could be spilling, if something gets spilled on the floor, chances are high that it could also reach your pc, and you would not want something that small to be the reason why your pc got destroyed.

Elevating your computer is also important, it does have some cons and pros but it’s always better. In most cases when you place a computer in an elevated place, like a desk, air reaches it easier and it gets proper airflow as all of its sides have enough space.

You don’t even have to worry about dust, I mean you do but not that much. It usually takes like a month to gather dust that you can notice.

Another good thing about placing your desktop in an elevated place is that you get to have proper cable management. Let me remind you, every computer fanatic loves to have proper cable management, and you would not want your friends to make fun of you for having bad cable management.





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