Top 15 Load Testing Tools of 2019

Want to look at the performance of your web apps as well as your sites? Here are some load testing modalities that will test your apps performance during high traffic and during stress.

This list incorporates open source and additionally performance testing tools. All these tools have free trials so that you will know how to use them before you sign up for the actual services.

The Top 15 Performance Testing Tools of 2018

  1. WebLOAD
  2. LoadUI NG Pro
  3. LoadView
  4. Apache JMeter
  5. HP LoadRunner
  6. Rational Performance Tester
  7. LoadComplete
  8. Loadster
  9. LoadImpact
  10. Appvance
  11. QEngine (ManageEngine)
  12. Loadstorm
  13. CloudTest
  14. Httperf
  15. OpenSTA


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Here they are!

1. WebLOAD


This tool is for enterprises and tests load and performance of web applications. WebLOAD is the instrument of choice for businesses with overwhelming user load and complex testing prerequisites. It tests by getting load from the cloud and local machines. It is dependable, adaptable, usable and can do tests such as automatic correlation, DOM playback, recording and JavaScript scripting.

It can give you an idea of how your web application executes and may point out issues that can stop your app from acquiring load and generating response. WebLOAD supports several technological advancements, from web protocols to big business applications and has built-in integration with Jenkins, Selenium and numerous different tools to empower nonstop load testing for DevOps.

System works in Windows and Linux

WebLOAD download


2. LoadUI NG Pro

This creates refined load tests with only a couple of taps.

LoadUI NG Pro can show certifiable loads on your API. LoadUI has support for REST, SOAP, JMS, MQTT and numerous other API formats. It has an GUI that can make you set up loads and has advanced scripting features for the experienced ones.

It can make you break down outcomes rather than create tests manually. You can learn significantly more about your application by using LoadUI?s capacity to give an account on server performance information. For load testing, you can use local or global data. LoadUI NG Pro will make you reuse functional test cases from SoapUI and SoapUI NG Pro. You can also change SoapUI NG Protest cases to advanced ones.

This tool works in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

LoadUI NG Pro download


3. LoadView


LoadView is can be completely controlled and used on-demand for load testing. It is designed to be hassle- free for load and stress testing. It is able to test in genuine browsers so that it can imitate real users. Pay for what you utilize, and no agreements are required. LoadView is entirely cloud-based, and is adaptable and easily deployable within minutes.

Advanced Load Testing includes Point and Click Scripting, Real Browser Testing and Global Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Download Load Testing by LoadView here


4. Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter

This tool is open source and based on Java application. It is a performance testing tool. Notwithstanding the load test plan, you can likewise make a functional test plan. This tool can be stacked into a server or network to check of its execution and analyze its function under various conditions.

At first, it was presented for testing web applications, however, lately, its degree had widened. It is of incredible use in testing functional execution of resources, for example, Servlets, Perl Scripts and JAVA objects. It requires JVM 1.4 or higher to run.

This tool works in Unix and Windows

 Apache JMeter download


5. HP LoadRunner


A bonafide product of HP, it is especially valuable in executing and measuring performance in the presence of a real load. This testing tool is interesting because that it has the ability to  handle many users simultaneously.

This tool empowers you to accumulate all required data for its performance and furthermore in view of the infrastructure. The LoadRunner has diverse tools, such as Controller, Virtual User Generator, and Analysis, and Load Generator.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows and Linux are the preferred OS for this measuring tool.

Download link: LoadRunner download


6. Rational Performance Tester

Rational Performance Tester

This modality is for testing the input and output of applications. This tool evaluates original transactions between users and web services. Before its end, all the statistical data are gathered and they are analyzed for its effectiveness. Any leakage in the server or the site can be recognized and corrected quickly by this tool.

This tool can create a powerful and precise computing service. This Rational Performance tester is by IBM.

This tool requires Microsoft Windows and Linux AIX.

Download link: Rational Performance Tester download


7. LoadComplete


This is an affordable and easy solution for performance testing tool. LoadComplete creates sensible load tests for sites and applications. It leads to the automation of load tests by recording user interactions and using it in tha face of many virtual users from the local computers or from the cloud.

LoadComplete encourages you to check your web server’s performance under a monstrous load, decide its vigor and gauge its adaptability. It also measures and reports infrastructure performance, user experience and application behavior.

This tool works on 64-bit OS like Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 or later versions.

System requirements: This tool works on 64-bit operating systems such as Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 or later.

LoadImpact link to download and try

8. Loadster


Loadster is a desktop tool and uses propelled HTTP load testing. It enables the browser to analyze scripting. The user can change the basic script with variables to approve responses. You will have the ability to control network bandwidth capacity. You can also create a large user base for application stress testing purposes

After the test is done, you can analyze the HTML report. This instrument is best to distinguish the execution bottlenecks in your application.

This tool works on Windows 7, Vista or XP

Download link: Loadster download

9. LoadImpact


LoadImpact can be used as a part of the cloud-based services. This likewise helps in site optimization and the working of any web application. It creates traffic to the site by bringing stress and determines the maximum load that it can work on. It has a load testing tool and a page analyzer. The load testing is either Fixed, Ramp up or Timeout.

The page analyzer works like a browser and it gives data with respect to the working and measurements of the site. This is a free service. However, you have the benefit of numerous choices and features when you get them at a topnotch cost.

This works on Windows and Linux.

Download link: LoadImpact download

10. Appvance


Appvance UTP is said to be the first unified automation platform. It avoids redundancies made by QA tools that obstruct DevOps. It has an advanced write-once procedure and functional testing that can be re-utilized for load, execution, compatibility, app- infiltration, synthetic APM and more. It enhances productivity and group collaboration.

Appvance UTP can integrate Jenkins, Jira and Rally, as well as Hudson and Bamboo and is compatible with tools like JUnit, JMeter, and Jython, as well as Selenium and others. Data can also pass within apps and scripts without coding.

Sign up for the trial version, which is free.

11. The QEngine (ManageEngine)

QEngine (ManageEngine)

QEngine (ManageEngine) is automated and is used in execution testing and load testing of web applications. It is said to be the most straightforward and simple tool to use to dicover any leakage in their web services or sites. It can also test remotely.

You can also do functional testing, stress testing, compatibility load testing and regression.  This automated testing tool can create and reenact a great deal of users with the goal that the execution can be analyzed during the maximum load. This is a free software that is accessible for the users on the web.

This tool can work in Windows and Linux.

Download link: QEngine download

12. Loadstorm


Loadstorm is a cloud-based tool that is afordable. You can customize test plans, criteria and scenario. You can create up to 50000 simultaneous users to generate traffic to your site. Through this tool, you can convey a conclusion to all the costly performance testing devices. The cloud framework which is utilized as a part of this tools empowers you to send a tremendous number of requests every second.

They have many servers set up internationally. They are gladly known as the most reduced cloud load testing instrument.No coding language required. You will be furnished with numerous charts and reports which measure the execution of different measurements, for example, error rates, normal response time and the quantity of users. This device is accessible for free, yet the premium account has some included features.

This tool works in Windows.

 Loadstorm download

13. CloudTest

Soasta cloudtest

SOASTA CloudTest can test sites, mobile applications, APIs, and others. It make you use the cloud platform.

This CloudTest can empower various users to utilize the site simultaneously. It also increases traffic of the site to know resistance to stress and various loads.

SOASTA Inc has numerous services that test sites and other web applications. They are not free services; the value differs as indicated by the quantity of load injector machines required every hour by you. The trial version with the intensity of 100 simultaneous users is available for free.

This tool runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

SOASTA CloudTest download

14. Httperf


Httperf is a good tool for estimating and analyzing web services and web applications. It can be used to test HTTP servers. The primary target of this testing tool is check the quantity of responses produced from this specific server. This produces the HTTP GET requests from the server to condense the performance of the server.

You will have an overview of the response rate of every server. The capacity to maintain the server overload, support the HTTP/1.1 protocol and similarity with new workload are the three key highlights of this performance testing instrument. This tool is by HP.

This tool works in Windows and Linux.

Httperf download

15. OpenSTA


This is an open source tool for the measurement of HTTP and HTTPS performances. This is a GUI-based tool for load testing and analyzing. This is accepted as a complex instrument among the various performance testing tools. It can do heavy load testing and examination for HTTP and HTTPS with recordings and simple scripts.

To complete the test effectively, results and different insights are taken through different test runs. You can then export data to generate reports. This is a free testing tool and it is disseminated under GNU GPL. This tool was initially created by Cyrano, which was later assumed by Quotium.

You can use this tool on Windows operating systems.

OpenSTA download

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