What SSH Client are you using for Windows and Mac?

There is not much options when we talk about reliable SSH clients. For Mac, you don’t need to install a SSH client since the default terminal features is the most hand SSH client you can find on Mac.

For Windows, Putty, Filezilla and WinSCP are the names of the most popular SSH clients being used. You will find their GUI kind of old school but don’t worry, they are good and very reliable to use.

Putty –  a free SSH client and telnet protocols

PuTTY is a very popular windows client for SSH, Telnet, and SFTP. You can use it to remote access your servers using the SSH protocol.

Learn more: How to install a putt SSH Client

Filezilla – a free file transfer (FTP) client

FileZilla is an open source first release in 2001. It is still distributed F.O.C. under the GNU General Public License.

FileZilla is suitable for small-scale file transfer requirements. There is no commercial support, so you will use it on your own risk. However, you can find assistance at the FileZilla web forums, Wiki, and bug tracking system

WinSCP – a free open source file transfers (FTP) client

WinSCP is also a popular free file transfer client for Windows. It also support basic file manager and scripting. You can use WinSCP together with PuTTY but there is no support for terminal emulation.

I personally prefer to use WinSCP since it has GUI compare with putty with only a SSH console. It also allow you to have basic script editing and it works very well with FreeFileScyn.

With the FreeFileScyn installed, you can easily search and replace text, search and compare the differences of the files and directories.


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