10 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Old Laptop Faster – Easy Fixes For Slow Laptop

Having a laptop is a must in this generation considering that it is literally called the digital era, but the thing with laptops is that they get slow as time passes by.

With that in mind, we have to keep in mind that not everyone has the money to buy a new laptop once it starts to show signs of ageing, so it’s important to come up with ways that can help you in making your laptop faster.

To help you make your old laptop a bit faster, we are going to list down some easy things that you can do so you can make your old laptop a bit faster so you can carry out tasks without any hiccups!

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Old Laptop Faster

1. Buy genuine Windows  

If you are using a laptop that has the fake or stolen version of Windows, that might be slowing your laptop down, considering that it has no updates, it can be filled with a lot of bugs and it can be carrying malware. In order to make your laptop a bit faster, you want to get the genuine version of Windows that you already have.

2. Add more RAM

If your laptop only has 8GB or 4GB of RAM, it’s time to change that.

Remember, if your are using your Laptop for 4 to 8 hours on a daily basis, running heavy applications that are power hungry and are experiencing a lot of lag issues, it’s easy to point out that the problem could be insufficient RAM.

If you have a laptop that only has 4GB RAM, go upgrade it to 8GB. If your laptop has 8GB of RAM, upgrade it to 16GB. You will notice a huge difference with this simple upgrade!

3. Change HDD with SSD

 If you want to up your loading speed game, it’s time to get rid of that HDD that your laptop has and get yourself a SSD. An SSD is so far way better than an HDD. If you want to increase your laptop speed, you want to add an SSD into your device and have more RAM. These 2 things will easily solve your speed issues at an instant.

Important note: Before you buy an SSD, make sure that your laptop supports an SSD.

4. Delete programs and files that you are not using anymore

 Sometimes, laptops slow down because there is no space left in the main storage option that you have. May it be an SSD or an HDD, it’s important to have at least 100gb space all the time. The solution on this one is delete some files or programs that you are not using anymore. Not only that, but also makes sure that you are frequently emptying your recycle bin. Doing this can help you get a lot of space at an instant!

5. Stop using apps that are cannot run on your laptop

 Another thing that you can do is stop using applications that are having a hard time running on your laptop, considering that it does not meet the specs.

Before you download a heavy application on your laptop, make sure that you are checking the basic laptop specifications that it has. If your laptop meets them, you can download the app, but if it does not, try to avoid it. Running heavy apps on your laptop forcefully can damage your CPU, considering that it will have really high temperatures.

6. Change thermal paste and clean fans

 Sometimes, thermal throttling can be the reason.

To solve this issue, you want to change the thermal paste of your laptop each year and make sure that you get its fans cleaned after 6 months, especially if you use it 6 to 10 hours on a daily basis.

Having clean fans and a new thermal paste on the CPU and GPU of your laptop will help you get a lot of performance boost, considering that they will have nice temperatures.

 7. Buy a laptop cooler

 Old laptops are gonna have some thermal issues, that’s not a question that’s really hard to answer. To tackle that, you want to buy a laptop cooler that has some amazing fans. Buy one, make sure the laptop has some proper elevation, it has a new thermal paste and clean fans. This simple thing can help you get really nice temps, which can lead to better speeds considering that there will be no thermal throttling.

8. Stop using Google Chrome

 If your laptop does not have a lot of RAM, stop using Google Chrome as your main internet browser, instead, go with Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome is literally one of the most power hungry apps that there are available to download right now. Not only that, but this app can make your laptop become slow as you start to open multiple tabs.

9. Restart your laptop from time to time

 Another thing that you want to do is make sure that you are restarting your laptop from time to time. Doing this can help you out a lot in getting better speeds.

Instead of just putting it in sleep mode and using it again the next day or after a couple of hours, you want to shut it down and turn it on when you are about to use it. This allows all the apps to shut down and start again, which means they will require less power consumption and bugs will not be an issue.

10. Update drivers

 One of the most ignored thing amongst laptop users, the drivers.

If you want to have a faster laptop, you need to update the drivers of your laptop. The GPU drivers, the internet drivers, the bios update, and many more, you want to make sure that you are updating all the drivers that are present in your laptop. Doing this simple thing can help you make your laptop faster and much more efficient!

Did we miss out anything in the list above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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