Computer Manufacturers Can Make Your Laptop Worse (And They’re Paid to Do It)

A computer is a wonder of engineering. So much work goes into outlining and assembling all the individual bits of hardware before consolidating them with software that is taking a very long time to build. Computer creators are actually paid for their slow computers.

The PC community’s race to the bottom and merciless pricing implies that numerous computer makers aren’t centered around giving a decent experience, as they’re centered on releasing the least expensive laptops conceivable and profiting by filling laptops with bloatware.

Bloatware Pays Well

Your laptop makers are often paid by some companies to preinstall some software on their computers.

Rather, laptop makers stack their computers up with shovelware, so-called because it appears manufacturers simply scoop a heap of software onto the computer without handiness in mind. This pointless software can slow down a laptop, taking more time to boot, decreasing accessible memory, and messing the computer. Browsers may contain toolbars, while popups may ask users to buy some software. Messages for antivirus programs can be terrifying, cautioning clients that they might be in danger if they don’t pay for some useless software.

Trial versions often force you to buy paid software. You may also be tormented by links to software sites or toolbars that twist your web searches. Software companies pay the manufacturers so that customers will purchase full versions of software, games and useless search engines.


 Bloatware Can Slow Down Computers

Do we overstate the noteworthiness of bloatware on a laptop? Benchmarks would enable us to see exactly how fundamentally bloatware can haul down another computer.

Fortunately, such benchmarks exist. One of these sources is Microsoft. Microsoft offers Microsoft signature computers in its stores that are free of these bloatware. Microsoft even offers transform your laptop into a clean one for just $99. They are profiting here because you pay for a Windows license then you pay for the transformation of your laptop.

Microsoft promotes the fact that their signature PC is faster. These measurements reveal to us how faster a new laptop is when all the bloatware is removed.

In view of Microsoft’s tests with Windows 7 laptops, bloatware can speed up laptops by 40%. That is a critical change that shows us exactly how much bloatware can influence performance.


A 2009 study has even found that bloatware could increase boot time, with Acer’s laptops taking an extra two minutes to boot due to all its bloatware.

Eliminating Bloatware

If you have another laptop stuffed with bloatware, yet you don’t want to pay $99, you have some choices:

  • Manually Uninstall 

Just uninstall the bloatware from the Uninstall Programs window in the Windows Control Panel. However, it is a must that you should know which ones you should uninstall and which ones you should keep. Preinstalled bloatware will change from laptop to laptop. If you do some Google searches, you should discover explanations of what each program does. You may even find a manual that describes what the programs do and which of them you should uninstall.

  • Automatically Uninstall Bloatware

If you are tired of uninstalling some programs, use PC Decrapifier. This will examine your computer for bloatware and will uninstall it. But there are some bloatware that even PC Decrapifier cannot remove.

  • Reinstall Windows

This is done to remove all those software and have a fresh start. If you do this, you should have a Windows disc. You’ll likewise need to download and install suitable drivers and hardware for your laptop. They are there on the manufacturer’s website.


If you spend and waste minutes just looking at your loading laptop screen, then you might consider getting a Mac.

We may know how to manage bloatware; however, the normal computer purchaser is stalling out with a laptop that was made worse by its creator.

Image Credit: Collin Anderson, Bruce Turner on Flickr


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