Data Restore Tool Of Google Could Allow Transferring WhatsApp Chats From iOS To Android

Google’s Data Restore Tool could possibly allow its users to transfer their WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android Devices.

Yep, it could be possible soon!

The latest update on the app shows references for copying WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone to an Android device.

The Data Restore Tool shows up while you are setting up a new Android phone or when you want to transfer data from an old device.

As of writing this blog,, Google has not shared any information or an announcement on WhatsApp cross platform chat transfer.

The Data Restore Tool of Google was released last week on Play Store as an application so users could restore data using a cable or cloud backup.

However, the latest update on the application, which is the 1.0.382048734, has references on copying WhatsApp chats and history from an iPhone to an Android device.

WABetaInfo also released a statement about the update saying:

WhatsApp is developing a feature to migrate your chats between different platforms.

This video shows how chats are migrated from iOS. It’s needed a cable: are new tools for PC coming or what?

Here is there tweet:

The thing is, the option to transfer your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android will not appear in the Data Restore Tool until WhatsApp properly launches the new migration settings.

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