How to turn any song into a ringtone on your iPhone

Customizing a song into a ringtone used to be headache and troublesome because of the AAC format. That’s the old school way, you need to download iTunes, convert the mp3 songs into the AAC format before you can use it as a ringtone on your iPhone.

Now you don’t, you don’t need to download any extra software, you can even crop the best part of the song and make it a ringtone on your iPhone.

Here is how you can do it with a few steps in your iPhone:

1. Download the song

You can skip this step if your ringtone or song is already in your iPhone Music.

Otherwise, you can download the song into your iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox. If you don’t use any of three above, you can download Documents by Readdle.

It’s a files management software to manage your internet downloads. 

After download the Documents app, click on the bottom right safari icon. A browser will toggled and you can browse for a ringtone. for example “Tu ViVi Nell’Aria Ringtone”.

The search result will show you many option to download the ringtone. Click on any source and download the song using this app.

Once you found your desire ringtone, click on the download button. By default is will save to a download folder.

Make sure you change it and save it to iCloud!

After that changed the file destination to iCloud,  click the Done button and your download shall begin. Verify the download by clicking the download menu at the footer.

First step is completed after you have downloaded your desire ringtone to your iPhone.

2. Open the GarageBand on your iPhone

Most of the iPhone have the GarageBand app installed by default.

Open the app and click the plus icon on the top right.

Click on the Audio Recorder.

Click the frame icon on the top menu

You will see a frame composer page. Click on the import icon on the top right.

Select the “Audio files” tab and click “Browse items from the Files app“.

Select “Documents by Readdle”

You will see the ringtone you have just downloaded. Click to select it.

You will see it appear in the list. Click and Hold it. You will be able to drag it into your frame composer.

After drag the item into the composer, you will be able to see the frames.

You can even crop the best part of the song to make it as your ringtone. Play around with the settings and preferences here to make your perfect ringtone.

When you are done editing your ringtone. Click on the top left triangle drop down and click “My Songs”. This will save your work and bring you to the main menu.

You will see you song listed here. Click and Hold it.

You will some options popup. Click on “Share”

After click on share button, choose ringtone as the format.

Name your ringtone and click “Export“.

Click on “Use sound as…”

You are done, you can use it as a Standard Ringtone or Text Tone.


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