Snapchat releases update to fix crashing problem in iOS devices

Snapchat heard you and they fixed it.

A lot of iOS users were facing crashing issues recently and were quick to point out the problem on Twitter, the good thing is that Snapchat released an update quickly to fix this.

The bug that was found on iOS devices did not affect the android version of the application.

iOS users that had the version of the application had a message that something went wrong and it would then crash. But after the update, the error went away.

This is how the crash looked like:

Snapchat did not release a statement about the incident.

However, they do have a pinned tweet talking about the bug.

If your snapchat application is still not working, you can manually download the application.

All you have to do is go to the App Store, then tap on your profile picture, pull down to refresh and wait until available updates appear.

You can also turn on Automatic Updates so you do not have to manually do it again and again.

Did you experience the bug above? Let us know if you did by leaving a comment in the comments section below!



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