Why is my Computer having really high CPU and GPU temperatures – 9 Possible Reasons On Why Your PC Is Hot

One of the most faced problems with a computer is high temperatures, especially if the computer is around 5 years old and has never been properly taken cared off.

A lot of people ask questions such as “What’s causing such problem? Can I fix it at home?” When they face heating issues. But the answer is always different, considering that not everyone has the same issues.

To help you answer that question, let’s talk about some possible reasons first.

Below, we are going to list down some computer problems that may be causing the hot CPU and GPU temperatures when you are using the computer.

9 Possible Reasons On Why Your Computer Is Heating Up Easily

1. Have not cleaned your computer in years

The first reason is one of the most common reasons that are out there, which is the result of not cleaning your computer.

If your computer is having really high temperatures, the reason could be the fact that you have never cleaned your computer. If you have not cleaned it in 2 to 3 years, it’s time to get that computer clean. Bring it to a professional if you do not know how to clean computers and let them do the job.

In order to check if your computer is dirty, all you have to do is open the case and see if there is dust build up inside it. If there is, it’s time to get it cleaned!

2. Need to change thermal paste

Another possible reason is thermal paste.

If you have been using that computer for the last 2 to 3 years and have never cleaned it up or changed its thermal paste, it’s possible that you need to change it because it’s now wearing off. Try to change the thermal paste by yourself or bring it to a professional so they can do it.

Remember, it’s important to let a professional do this in case you do not have experience in changing and removing the thermal paste. Also, you need to carefully fix the air cooler on top after the replacement.

3. Broken CPU fan

PC got silent and CPU temps got really high? Hmmm, broken CPU fan could be the cause!

If your CPU is having ridiculously high temperatures, it could be possible that your CPU fan has gone berserk. Try to open up the panel of your computer and check the fan if it’s working properly. If it’s not working, it’s time for you to change the fan and possibly upgrade it. If your fan is stock, you need to buy something similar like that, but if you want to upgrade,  you can go for AIO coolers that are single or double fan.

4. You’re running apps that are too much to handle

Another possible reason could be your actions.

Sometimes, your CPU and GPU could have really high temperatures because of the fact that you are running extremely high demanding applications on your device, even if it is not capable of handling them.

In order to fix this problem, all you have to do is delete the extremely high demanding apps or games and download apps that are really light.

If you are using Google Chrome as your main browser, it’s time to go with Firefox, considering that it’s lighter and faster.

5. Bad Airflow in Case

 Your case might be the problem.

Yep, there are a lot of cases where bad airflow can extremely cause high temperatures, considering that your components need to have proper air to get in and exhaust.

To solve this problem, you need to have a case that has good airflow, has capabilities of installing exhaust and pull fans, which can do a lot of things for you in improving airflow and CPU along with GPU temperatures.

6. Lack of fans

Just 1 fan to cool your PC? Where are you living in? Alaska?

One of the most common reasons why computers heat up pretty fast is because of the fact that they do not have enough fans, which help them keep themselves cold.

Try to have a good case, add some fans and make sure that you are going with the pull and push intake method. This means that all the fans in the front are to work as intake fans and the ones on the top and the back are exhaust fans. This will allow you to bring in cool air and remove hot air, which is present near the back and top fans!

7. Lack of RAM

Another possible reason could be lack of RAM.

Yep, if your computer has little RAM, the pressure is gonna fall on the CPU, which will just be pushed to the extreme limits, hence, really high temperatures, which can be sometimes hard to cool down.

The fix for this one is by simply buying more RAM so you can allow the CPU to remove some load off itself and allow the load to be properly distributed. If you

8. Hot room temperatures

Your room temperature could also play a huge role.

Another possible reason is hot room temperatures during a sunny day. Yep, this could be possible the reason, considering that your fans are going to intake air that is around it and will blow out the temperatures that are inside it.

The colder your room is, the more likely you are to get better temps.

In order to fix this, try to open your windows, turn on the AC and make sure that there is a fan that’s pointed directly at your computer. This will improve air circulation in a huge way!

9. It’s old

 Another possible reason could be the fact that your computer is just old.

If your computer is old, possibly around 8 years old and is running an old operating system, it is possible that the reason is the fact that it has aged and it cannot simply perform that modern tasks that you are trying to carry out.

The only fixes for this one is either upgrade the parts of your computer or upgrade the entire computer itself. This will allow you to get better temps and a faster computer to carry out simple house or work related tasks!

Did we miss out anything in the list above? Let us know what we missed out by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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