Why should I be careful while choosing WordPress plugins?

The awesomeness of the plugin capability is one of the WordPress’s success factor. Anyone can easily find and install preferred plugins without knowing much the code behind.

In spite of the fact that the beauty of the plug-and-play capability can never be denied, you are going to learn something in this article about why you should be always careful choosing  plugins for your WordPress blog.

The never ending update routine

Both the WordPress and Plugins require updates quite frequently.  Sometime updating the WordPress will crash some plugins while sometime the plugin itself crash upon update. So, it’s good to minimize the unnecessary plugins

WordPress Slow Performance

The performance will not significantly slow when you have less than 10 plugins, but try to install more than 20 plugins and you will see a slower performance with the latter one.

Intentional or Unintentional Evil Plugins

Some poor designed plugins might have been done unintentionally to crash your database. Chances are high that your can restore it by removing the plugin. Some sad cases found that the database remains corrupted even after removed the plugin. Sounds terrible ? It happens so you better backup your database more install some weird plugins.

Some Evil Plugins have been designed intentionally to create a backdoor to your server. What they want ? Stealing your user database, injecting malicious code or inject comment spam. Who knows ?

Not only Evil Plugins but Evil Themes as well

Have you ever found some “Free” Premium WordPress Themes that seems too good to be true? Yes, those themes are actually not free. Some hackers bought the themes and added em with some malicious code where you won’t be able to remove.

What would happen ? Your blog might be hacked, or you will receive thousands of comment spam from no where.


Although our WordPress blog would looks dump without plugins, we still have to be careful while choosing a plugin, or smart enought to identify a suspicious theme or plugin. However, there were still plenty of great plugins out there.

The WordPress core is extremely secure. However, the core is not responsible for anything happens if a WordPress user decides to install a plugin that has a security flaw. Every single plugin you install has a potential security risk.

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