Microsoft Hints Resurrection Of Clippy As Office Emoji

If you remember clippy, you’re probably old, but hey, the tech giant who made clippy has hinted out that they might bring back the character.

In a tweet that was made by Microsoft earlier, they said that if their tweet got over 20,000 likes, they would bring back Clippy, their adorable character in Microsoft Office.

The tweet has surpassed the number with over 130,000 likes right now and it looks like that Microsoft is showing off some of the amazing features that they will be rolling out later this year with Windows 11.

So who is Clippy?

Clippy first appeared as an assistant in Office 97 with the goal to help and show tips that would be useful when one uses Microsoft Office.

The adorable little button stayed with us until 2001, Offie XP before it was removed permanently.

Here is a funny exchange on the tweet made by Microsoft:

The thing is, this is not the first time the paperclip has tried to make a return.

A couple of years ago, some employees of Microsoft resurrected Clippy as an animated sticker in Microsoft Teams. But the sad part is that only happened for a brief amount of time.

The brand police of the company came in and shut down the effort.

But hey, who knows, they might bring it for permanent this time, right?

What are your thoughts on Microsoft hinting the return of Clippy in the near future? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

And as for now, we would just have to wait and see on what would happen once Windows 11 would be released by the tech giant.

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