Why Restarting Your Router Can Fix Many Problems And Why Is It Important To Wait For 10 Seconds

When the internet goes down, do you know what to do? The best thing you can do is unplug your router and wait for 10 seconds and plug everything back in. That’s the best troubleshooting method you can do and usually, it works. So why does this method works? And what is the magic in the 10 second wait time that makes it work?

Let’s be real, we all want to have a steady internet connection and one question really comes up to our mind, which is “is there any way that we can stop doing this?”

Routers are really annoying sometimes, but actually they are not that hard to work with if you know what is wrong with them, and usually, you can solve the problem that is present.

A Router Is Also A Computer

Not everyone thinks about this but actually your router is also a computer. Inside your router is are small chips that consist of memories, CPU, and local storage that are running on an operating system. Just like computers, things can go south sometimes. Usually, a bug is causing a memory leak, or the CPU is overheating, or sometimes a full-blown kernel panic caused the entire system to stop working.

The easiest thing you can do is turn off the router and switch it on again.

Sometimes rebooting a system can solve and eradicate all the problems that are present. So why does this work usually? Just like a computer, when it faces a bug you need to shut it off and turn it on again so it can properly again. The same thing applies on routers when it’s having problems you should turn it off for at least 10 seconds and turn it on again so it can run properly.

This method wouldn’t really fix the systematic problem, but it will solve things for some time which will give you enough time to finish anything you are working on.

Why Is It Important To Wait For 10 Seconds?

Most electronics are using capacitors which are small batteries present in every electronic thing we own. You may have seen capacitors before if you have ever taken apart an electronic device.

Capacitors do not really store a lot of electricity, but sometimes they do in order to keep a memory chip run for a couple of seconds. So waiting for 10 seconds allows the capacitor to get fully drained and it also clears its memory. And this also allows your router to reset properly which will fix the problem that may have caused the error in the first place.

There are a number of reasons why resetting your router can solve the error. But not all of them needs the 10 second wait time, and sometimes it solves the problem without waiting for some time. But if you are trying to fix a problem that you have not encountered before the 10 second wait time can really help you fix the problem.

What Are The Things That Causes a Router to Crash?

Here are 3 of the most common things that cause a router to stop working properly:

  • Bugs– Your router is a computer, so sometimes it will crash when a bug occurs in its firmware.


  • IP Address conflicts– A router that you own manages private and public IP address, and from time to time it creates a conflict that causes the router to stop working properly.


  • Overheating-Just like any electronic out there, a router can also overheat and can crash. Place it in a place where it can get air constantly.


There are more complex reasons that can cause your router to stop working, the 3 that are mentioned above are the simple and most common reasons that cause the crash.

Solution Number 1 is to Update Your Firmware

When your computer is facing bugs that are persistent, a software/firmware update can usually fix this problem. The same thing applies to routers, maybe it’s time to update it.

This process is not as hard as it sounds like, basically, you need to open a web browser and type the IP address of your router and find an update button.

This is one thing that you should definitely give a shot at if your router keeps on crashing.

Solution Number two is Check if it’s Overheating

Routers or any electronic devices crash if they are overheating. Try to check it out and see if it’s hot try to unplug it and wait till it gets cool.

Every router has ventilation, make sure that they are not covered. Also, take a closer look and see if your router has a lot of dust present inside it if it does try cleaning it out by using pressurized air.

Also try to change the location of your router if it is in a place where electronics are present, try to move it away from them, preferably in a place where air circulates better and could help your router to stay cool.


If Everything Fails Try Getting A New Router

If nothing works, maybe it is the time to buy a new router that would solve everything. Usually, when a router keeps on making the same errors the best thing you can do is to buy a new one and eliminate the errors. The routers that come with your plan are usually not that good, so try to buy a durable one.


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